Welcome to Sarah Cranberry Violin


Welcome to Sarah Cranberry Violin



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Be revitalized by the joy you feel after hearing Sarah play the violin.


Sarah Cranberry creates magical sounds with the violin or viola, sure to make an event or gathering an experience to remember forever.  Sarah Cranberry brings her music to many places in San Diego, Los Angeles, Southern California, and beyond!  Her whimsical expression finds form in traditional Western music, ancient songs of the Middle East, and contemporary electronic grooves. The vibration of the violin is the voice of Sarah Cranberry; as she leads you on a journey.  Be prepared to have your heart and mind opened to the wonder of the universe.


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There is always a reason to play music.

The viola has a darker, more heartfelt sound than the violin.  The viola has a deeper timbre.  Its size is slightly larger than the violin, but with the same low strings as a cello.  The viola resonates deeply and sounds even more like the human voice than the violin.  The “Cinderella” of the orchestral instruments will surely tell quite the fairy tale.

The violin can sing any song in any key; it speaks any language and can make a listener laugh or cry.  Which emotion would you like to evoke?  What magical tale would you like to spin?  What sound do you yearn to hear?  Contact Sarah Cranberry to bring you the magic and the music, and to help you unlock the mystical vibrations within your mind.


-“I walk the path

I see it, hear it, feel it, and touch it-

With my breath I follow the path

It calls to me

I hear its song-

I play the song I hear.”  -Sarah Cranberry

“Sarah is an absolute joy to work with!  She has a contagious enthusiasm for her art form that is refreshing and enlivening.  The ease at which she dives into creating something emotional, dynamic and enthralling is an inspiration to witness.  She is a genuine artist with a passion for her music that expresses itself from every fiber of her being.”

~Zoe Tantrum (of Zoe Tantrum Productions and The Tragic Tantrum)

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