music in space, dubstep for tea….

Vibrations through time and space, our connections collide and send the ripples out with the tides.  Eventually the waves are felt again.


I would be remiss in my duties as a musician and as a friend if I didn’t speak a little about Preston Grover on my blog.  It is not often that someone parachutes into my life, gets me completely spun up and inspired in a musical direction, then departs us all so quickly.  I kept saying, “Preston and I had so many PLANS!!!”


Now the plans are moving from the future to the present.  As I must do, I move through them, and create and connect and keep my mind and heart open to all the possibilities


It is so important, and I am so grateful, that Preston and I collaborated together.  It was a short and sweet space in time.  We played at the Kava Lounge on March 26, 2011, which was the first of a few shows.  It is interesting and challenging to incorporate violin into live electronic music sets.  It can go over REALLY well if the vibe and intention are set correctly.  Knowing the song also helps.  ; ) The larger whole has to be considered, in the arc of the evening.  The combination of practice, setting the intention, and then being limber enough in the performance setting to adapt to the changing needs of the situation really can drive everyone’s experience of the music to a new level.  We know what we’re doing, now everyone just sit back and enjoy the ride!


I’m excited for the future.  The lessons I learned from Preston I will carry with me always.   I have much more confidence as a musician after working with him.  I’m also more motivated in music and art than I have ever been before.  I’m more in touch with the energy and passion in the music.  Preston encouraged me to tap into the musical source easily.  I find the sound and the vibrations that everyone responds to, and am able to keep building the intensity from there.  I want to share it with all my friends, and the universe!!!  I want to have my music played in SPACE to all the STARS!!!  (Is that too far?  Music in space?  I like it!)


Overall,  I have a new respect for the work we’re accomplishing here in music, dance, and art.  The more I see my friends collaborating with each other in different projects, putting together different shows for a wide variety of venues and audiences, the more important I realize we are to one another.  We’re creating and interconnected web of support for one another, without even consciously knowing it.  There are deeper levels at work.  We come together to share our joy and sorrows in safe places created for us and by us.  This could be in a range of environments, anywhere from a park, to the Mojave to someone’s living room.  We celebrate everything: birthdays, weddings, changing of the seasons, holidays…Tuesdays….


So now you know, and you know I know that you know…..the twinkle in our eyes is because we understand, and because our connections are the real deal.  I hope to see you soon, or that the music I play reaches you soon, or that your art reaches ME soon!!!  Many projects are underway, with even more starting to percolate to the surface of the pond.


So, back to my friend…’s excerpts from our last emails:


Cranberry:  This summer will be pretty amazing!!!  We will have many adventures…and everything leading up to them will just inspire us all the more!  I love the process of creating music with you, before, during and after.  I feel very lucky that you’re my friend.  When I said “this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship” at Tabs’ house-party after we spontaneously played music….it was very true.  : )


Prestune:  Omg did you type   ?!?! Or was that something that just got put in there?!


Cranberry:  hahaha I *think* so, unless a fairy flew out of your phone….

or a bubble!!


Prestune:  Haha so weird… Its the code for a ‘space’. n b s p. Lol! Somehow it shoes up in ur email!!


Cranberry:  noteverytimeaspaceisusedIhope


Prestune:  Hehehehehe


Thank you for everything, PrestuUUUuuuune!!!!!  You brought us all together, and we’re still connecting!!!


If all goes well, I’ll be collaborating at Orange Vortex with one of my favorite Djs (and friends) Philly B, on Saturday.  We had started a few years ago to work on the dynamics between the dj and the instrument, then got distracted.  So now focus has returned!!!  Phil is so awesome.  It will be fun.  I’m going in different musical directions with Phil than I’ve explored before.  It’s very EXCITING to try new things with the violin.  “Hello dubstep, it is nice to meet you.  Would you like to stay for tea?”


Also the violin will participate in the Sound healing ceremony Saturday afternoon at the Vortex.   Singing bowls and who knows what else will play???  It will be a very connecting experience for everyone involved, I’m sure.  The energy flows through the music.


Also I’d like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Unity!!!  I love you!!!!

Cranberry and Prestune rocking out on a dancefloor Spring 2011



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