Danyavaad and the Shimmy Sisters are going to be on TV on Halloween…. what???

We're smiling after the filming...we did it!!!

Once upon a time I got a phone call, and it was Greg Vaughan from Danyavaad.  He said, “Are you available to go to Bel Air next Tuesday and film on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?”  Then he said, “The correct answer is yes.”  I said yes.


Then Tuesday we go up to Bel Air, and they had put a huge Moroccan tent inside a grand ballroom.  There were lots of lights, and other entertainers.  We got airbrushed, fed snacks, and our pictures taken as well as lots of signatures on papers.  Guests started to arrive.

The camera crews started to run around in packs, following the housewives, as they talked with each other and mingled.  Hours went by, then the band converged downstairs, and we played as unobtrusively as possible while the filming and toasting and more filming went on.  Eventually some of the wives came over, and started playing drums with Gabriel, during one of our songs.  It was hilarious.

See the finished product air for the first time October 31st, Halloween, and see us on TV.  Anyone with DVR who I know, please tape it.  (hint hint!!!)

Greg and I are planning to go around bars and take pictures of ourselves watching ourselves on tv, later that week.


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