Electric Love….February 3rd….you want to go to there.

A night filled with magic, imagination, and love is coming to Ocean Beach this coming Friday, February 3, 2012.  I’ve never had this many of my musical friends in one room before;  after Danyavaad’s set, the floor will open up for a jam of EPIC PROPORTIONS!!!!  I am so so excited….Anyone who wants to come should buy a ticket to guarantee a spot.  This will sell out.  Also I want all my friends who work so hard and do so much in their lives, to come out and just enjoy this soul lifting experience.  Feel the love!!!

Electric Love February 3, 2012

So what else is going on in the world of Sarah Cranberry???  Well, I’ve been teaching violin at the Electric Music Studios all month.  It is a really rewarding experience.  I hope I get more students.  I have this idea to teach a “Violin Flow Class,” where people can bring their violins and play altogether.  We can freeform the music, while stopping to occasionally address technique.  It will be learning tricks and putting them together;  finding the flow in between.  See…all these hoop workshops are totally rubbing off on me.  I’m looking forward to sharing the joy of playing the violin with more people!!!

Since the last blog, I’ve been lucky enough to play violin with the AMAZING Mark Zabala.  I jammed with him at the Kava Lounge at the Seria Star show.  I played violin along with “psi- Breaks.”  We call it now, the “psi-o-lin.”  YES!!!  Last night I got to hear Mark spin at Spin at Wobble.  He was so AMAZING.  Mark started throwing in his own written and produced songs into his mixes.  They sound FANTASTIC!!!!   More, please, Mark.

Then I “renegaded” at the Basshenge Fundraiser on January 29th with Duckman.  WOW.  We had so much fun.  Duckman gave me about 40 songs to review, and he was going to play at least one of them.  That strategy works pretty well with playing with the live djs….have a large quantity of possibilities, and then go with the flow and play what feels right.  We’re going to record the mix over again, and hopefully get it out to everyone soon.  Thank you, Derek!!!  (I played violin to “acid house.”  It was WEIRD, yet GROOOoooOOOOoovy!!!)

And for my last, yet SUPER EXCITING endeavor,  I discovered the fine folks of Basshenge.  Their vision is amazing;  to bring a full scale model of Stonehenge to BurningMan 2012.  There will be art projection, 100,000 watts of sound, and crazy light shows.  The stones will be mobile, and once they’re built they will be brought to different events and gatherings around the Southern California area.  I’m so excited to be part of such a visionary group of people…They have a Kickstarter campaign going, as well as so many other types of fundraisers.  If you want to kick in a couple bucks to see this amazing artistic dream come to life, Please check out the video and information here:  Basshenge 2012 Kickstarter

O gosh, how could I forget the new song I have out with Michael Mannino!!!  Check out “Lint in My Bellybutton”  here at the Soundcloud link. We had SO MUCH FUN recording this.  Mike was singing the lines he wanted me to play in one of my ears, and I had on the headphones over the other ear, listening to the sound of the violin through the headphones in my right ear, while listening to him sing through the left.  We did a bunch of different takes, and then for fun Mike started mixing and matching the lines on the spot using Ableton Live.  It sounded amazing before Mike started the final production process.  We were going to possibly call the song “Robot Dinosaurs,”  but in final production Mike realized it had to be called,  “Lint in my Belly Button.”  That was the original name of the song anyway, and usually it is best to go with “play A.”

By now, Mike has played it in a sunrise set with a bunch of wonderful souls in the desert.  I wonder how the tune went over;  hearing it live with all my friends on the dancefloor is going to be amazing and scary and wonderful all at the same time.   Listening to the song on my computer in my house makes me excited already!!!

I know it’s a ways away, but I’ll be playing at an event in Mexico called “Electric Poncho.”  Check it out, and come play in the wonderland with us.  An amazing lineup is in store.  I remember being in the canyon a couple years ago, listening to one of Dela’s mixes in camp.  Listening to her mix live in the Canyon is going to be an unforgettable experience, and that is just scratching the surface.  Check the link out at www.electricponcho.com

Ok so here’s a picture of me being ridiculously happy, playing music for my best friends with my boyfriend Duckman on his birthday!!!  Life is so awesome.  Thank you for sharing this universe with me.

Playing Music in the Dream Factory

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