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Legacy Recordings and Performances:

Duckberry Crunch on Soundcloud from S.H.A.F.T.OTECH February 15th, 2013 found HERE

Preview of a track on Soundcloud by the amazing producer, Nathan Boolean Trujillo!!!  Check out “Arabika

Dueling Violins!!!!  Featuring the fabulous Melissa Barrison along with Danyavaad and the Shimmy Sisters;  filmed at the Bizarre Bazaar in Encinitas in December, 2011.  Nomads on youtube featuring Melissa Barrison

Unity and Sarah Cranberry together again!!!  The Sahara Unit plus a very special guest at Valentina’s Vaudeville Vixen Tribal Circus, November 2011. Sahara Unit on Youtube

Michael Mannino Feat. Sarah Cranberry @ Inner Vibration 2011 – Live set at the Firegarden; it’s the SoundCloud.


More video from LOJ!!!  7/1/11.  Edited by Mark Zabala

Banshee’s Studio!!!  7/21/11- Solo Violin Improvisation


Banshee’s Studio!!!  7/21/11- Robot Viola


Labyrinth of Jareth Ball on July 1st/2nd 2011; Nouveau Cabaret and Sarah Cranberry

Cirque Boheme in May 2009; performing violin with Unity of the Hoop Unit Sahara Unit

One of the first electronic music tracks Sarah created with Ruben Valas, or anyone, ever. Violin Divinorum


More music to be added as the muse strikes!


Twilight Violin
Twilight Violin









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