Sarah Cranberry collaborates with numerous groups, dancers, musicians, and performance artists to create magical performances.



Sarah Cranberry brings the dancefloor to the edge and back, using her violin and dj mixing skills to weave together many genres of electronic music; Techno, Deep House, Tech House, Minimal, and more.  Sarah enjoys mixing genres within a set, to change the mood and the emotional level of the listener. Sarah spontaneously improvises on the violin when the mood takes her, so every performance is unique.

Since 2012, Sarah has been part of the Shaft Crew, the collective organizers behind Electric Poncho and numerous shows around the San Diego area.

Her first recording experience for electronic music was in Dr. 42’s living room, where they created “Violin Divinorium.”

Sarah and Derek Adams, aka Duckman, have been performing and recording since 2012 as well. For a short while they were Duckberry Crunch Xplosion (along with Nate aka Karate Xplosion on drums.)

In May of 2013, Sarah started to DJ, and play Live Violin on tracks she mixes. Soon after, Sarah quit all performance groups in order to focus on her solo career. Sarah started honing her craft for mixing, selecting, and playing live violin to her sets.

Since July 2014, Sarah became part of Simpler Times, a crew of djs/producers who bring lots of techno and psychedelic minimal magic to the underground scene of Southern California.

Sarah Cranberry has participated in numerous performance groups and collaborations for events all over Southern California and Mexico. Her love of electronic music drives her to the dancefloor, where she plugs in her acoustic violin and improvises over live dj sets.

Djs who Sarah has performed with include Tara Brooks, Saynt, Jon Doss, Duckman, Joe Pea, Preston Grover, Philly B, Joe Osal8, Lisa Ubiquitous, Dr. 42, Dj Sandbag, Michael Divinity, Holden, Gage, and Avena Shakti Bliss.

In July 2015, Shaft Records came into existence. Sarah plans to finally slay the Ableton Live monster, and start producing her own tracks. If they’re fun enough, and interesting enough, these tracks will be released with the Shaft records label, as well as played out live. Stay tuned!!!

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Education…… Bachelor of Music in Performance in Viola, University of Colorado, Boulder.



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